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Against the nature of a universe accelerating towards greater entropy, humans seek order, clarity and knowledge. Such is also the journey that I’m taking under the banner “Alien Encounters,” a cross-genre series of work by & conversations with artists and intellectuals who approach earthly subjects with cosmological curiosity and a firm grounding in terrestrial realities, striving to get the full picture. Besides, the people I feature are all weirdos in their own right, and “alien” is my official US designation, so the title is a sweet triple entendre. Here’s my recent chat with poet Vijay Seshadri, and one with historian Vijay Prashad, as craft and political interview samples. Here’s a fuller list of publications. I hope the upcoming issues earn your sustained interest in my work, maybe leading to you telling friends who like discovering new poems, music, comedy and films by independent artists, as well as information and insights from people who know better than I about this fleeting period of sentience we call life and the problem of organizing it into nation, economy, ecology and whatnot. Realistically, I’ll email you twice a month, and at my best stride, you’ll hear from me weekly.

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